Anticipation and Conflict Management.

Business litigation is one of the historical activities of Chauplannaz & Associés.

Even with the alluring charm of battling in court, it has never hindered the cabinet’s lawyers from seeking an alternative preventional negotiation.

The role of Chauplannaz & Associés’ lawyers is to help their clients anticipate and manage their conflicts through their litigation experience and their understanding of the business world.

The firm intervenes in demand or defense, throughout the French territory, thus they deal with a wide range of disputes.
Chauplannaz and Associés intervene in the following fields:

  • Trade Law.
  • Commercial Leases.
  • Contractual Liability.
  • Tort Liability.
  • Economic Law.
  • Contentious Litigation.
  • Industrial Risks.
  • Conflicts Between Partners.

The Chauplannaz & Associés firm received the silver award in the Litigation and Arbitration category at the ceremony of the Palmarès des Avocats – Lyon 2016.